Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the difference between onhand, pre-order, incoming stock, supplier stock items?
  • Onhand items refers to items currently in stock. Pre-order items are items still in pre-order period, not yet in stock with us. Incoming stock are like early reservation for pre-order items after the pre-order period, incoming stock items are not yet onhand with us. Supplier stock items are items that MAY still be onhand with the distributor, please message us first if you want to order supplier stock items.

I ordered an item in pre-order or incoming stock, when will it arrive?

  • Pre-order/Incoming stock items have release dates posted, usually they arrive 4-6 weeks after the release date. Delays may occur. Please message us at for more details.
  • Very rarely, items do not arrive at all (may be distributor error or cancel in production), kindly coordinate with us at our FB page.

I paid the downpayment, when should I pay the remaining balance?

  • The remaining balance can be paid any time before arrival. Last day to pay for the remaining balance is after 7 days once the arrival notice has been sent. Failure to pay your remaining balance will lead to forfeited items and payments associated with the order.

What is the full payment discount?

  • Full payment discount is 2% of your pre-order's value, sent as a discount voucher usable for your next purchase. Applies to pre-orders only for NON-VIP/WS customers only. Does not apply to paypal/credit/debit card payments. Does not apply to other items aside from pre-orders within the pre-order period.
  • It is possible to combine full payment discount vouchers, please send us a message in FB if you want to combine full payment vouchers. Full payment vouchers may not be used together with other voucher types or VIP/WS codes.